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Monthly Archives: March 2016

3 Tips on Log Press for Beginners

The first thing you should know about the log is that it won’t be easy to learn, it has taken me years of practice to get my technique right. Not perfect, but right!

There is an art to perfecting the log some can naturally adapt to whilst others cannot. One thing for sure, it does feel good to throw a big weight overhead!

When a beginner decides to take up strongman they enter a whole new world of equipment and events. Some are easy, some are hard and a lot different, one of them being log press.

Terry Hollands

Here are 3 major tips for anyone starting out on a log press, either for competition or just for some fun.

1) Ask for help!

Too many people have trouble asking for help in anything, they think it might damage their ego if they do. Well their ego and pride will be damaged if they majorly mess up a log press and have a mouth full of metal for lunch!

Don’t just ask a mate, seek out someone who knows what they are doing and has a track record in their own log as well as clients. A good coach will help you as long as you listen to the advice they give you, it is pointless getting help and not listening to one bit of it. You’re just wasting their time and your own.

2) Be patient

One thing we all see on social media is an ego lift, I’m not talking about guys who have been working their posterior off for years and posting a PB. I’m talking about the guy who tries to max out on a lift with no training what so ever and you sit back and watch thinking to yourself oh my god he’s going to die!

Learn the proper techniques, watch the pro’s and start light. Get the time in on the log let your body get used to the movement pattern.

3) Get a program

I could put money on 90% of people don’t do this, if you don’t have a programme how can you expect to see progress or track numbers? Having a programme doesn’t just allow you to look at numbers I helps motivate you. After 12 weeks of a program you can see where you started and how many kg’s you’ve added.

It will also help highlight key weaknesses that can help you improve your all round log press and other overhead movements such as axel or monster dumbbell press.


So there you have it 3 tips I would give any beginner in log press, you don’t have to rush everything Rome wasn’t built in a day. Take your time find a good coach and get a good programme this will help you on the path to a monster log press!



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F: Aaron Page Strongman

I: @iron_beard

T: @BigDaddyPage89


How to Improve Your Log Clean

The log clean can be the deciding factor as to whether you get the lift up or not, a lot of the time you see people clean the log and think to yourself oh my god they are going to DIE!

Over the years we have seen a vast array of log cleans, some good some not so good. In the early years of WSM they used a flick of the hips with a big bicep curl to get it to the chest nowadays it has become an art to perfect the log clean using minimal effortZ

When watching other athletes for tips pick the guys who know what they are doing and have a respectable log, there is no point in taking advise from some on who looks like they have gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson can’t stand up wobbling all over the show.

I use two forms of clean when training client. One is a squat clean the other is a power clean, I know you will get a load of keyboard warriors going on that you can’t do a power clean on a log but it is what I refer to the movement as.

I will break down each part of both cleans and explain what I do.

Squat Clean

I will always favour the squat clean over the power clean for a heavy log or 1RM attempt, the reason why is you be more energy efficient with a squat clean to get the log to the chest.

To start I will tilt the handles forward on a log allowing me to be closer when I start my pick up, as I start to pick up I make sure I stand all the way up into a deadlift finish position you see far too many people scoop the log onto their lap before they stood up this puts the muscles under a lot of tension and not allowing them to fully lengthen before preforming the squat.

SlaterWhen squatting down with the log I make sure I pull it in close to my body not allowing for too much movement, when I squat down I don’t like to spend too much time in the bottom position as I believe this can make the clean harder.

When squatting down with the log you should think of your muscles like an elastic band as you squat down quick and power up it’s like when you stretch an elastic band and let it go its pings back quick!

This will allow you to come up quicker, making sure you are still keeping the log tight and close to you pop up through your toes driving your heels down and pushing you elbows forward and up to the celling as much as you physically can and stabilizing the log on your chest.

A few of us that are larger around the abdominal can pull the log on top of our belly as we squat down making life 10 times easier when we have the whole body behind the log.

Think of the movement like this

  • Log deadlift
  • Log squat
  • Log squat clean

Breaking them down like this will help you practise the movement in training and get you to think about each part more.

Strive to perfect each one of these movements one by one until you can get the clean to flow as easy as Big Z does.

Here is an example of the each movement put into a complex

Power Clean

The Power clean is a movement I will warm up with as it is also indirect hamstring and lower back work, power cleaning the log will benefit you in competitions where you have clean and press for reps…. when you get the feeling your dying after it because your body can’t understand why you would want to do more than 5 reps.

This movement will take a little more time to perfect as it is not so easy to break down as the squat clean is, I will post a link at the end of this so you can see the video too.Hixxy

The start position is the same with this as the squat clean so start with the handles tilted forward to keep the log close this time as you come up you want to move in one motion to the chest and to do the you need to get your hips forward and triple extend through your ankles, knees and hips.

This will give you the momentum you need to roll the log up to your chest, with this movement it is something that you need to start light and perfect but once you have it can give you a few seconds on a head to head for reps

Here is the link to the Power Clean & Push Press

When the clean becomes as easy as a hot knife through butter it will automatically help improve you max, if you use less energy in the clean it means you have more energy to press its science…. Well maybe not exact science.

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F: Aaron Page Strongman

I: @iron_beard

T: @BigDaddyPage89