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About Us

Founder Tom Hibbert started WHS way back in 2009. We are a Personal Training Only Facility and specialise in helping clients achieve their personal Health & Fitness Goals. We are not your standard Gym who counts memberships. We are entirely focused on treating you as an individual and are results based.

We understand how intimidating Gyms can be and would you believe that 90% of our clientele are complete beginners! Our Gym may look intimidating but I can guarantee a friendly welcome from our Staff & Clients. This creates the best atmosphere conducive to achieving your goals. 

WHS is extremely proud of its Personal Training only facility. We use exceptional quality equipment, made by Atlantis, Eleiko and Watson, and sourced from the Swiss Strength. An infrared sauna made by Heavenly Heat & male and female changing and shower areas are also available.

  • Julia van Deventer 3

    The making of an exceptional coach/trainer/PT isn’t just the writing of effective programs etc, it’s their ability to know and manage their clients effectively, sensing the right approach for what they are sometimes presented with. I’m very blessed that Tom Hibbert is that exceptional individual and grateful for his guidance and support even when it’s not about lifting the weights