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Alex Taylor

Alex is enthusiastic & hard working. He will go that extra mile to ensure you achieve your goals. Add this to the passion he has for all things health & fitness related and you have a wonderful trainer.

My Story

Training and sport has long been my passion. Since an early age I competed and trained at a high level in a variety of sports. Before long, I quickly became fascinated by all things performance enhancement in relation to Strength and Conditioning.

Improving upon one’s physical and mental capabilities is for me one of the most enjoyable aspects of coaching. Our bodies and minds have innate abilities to accomplish great things with the right training, lifestyle and nutrition.

My mission is to constantly strive for self-improvement in everything that I do in order to better serve myself and the clients here at Winning Health Solutions.


BSc in Sport & Exercise Science
Winning Performance Level 1 & Level 2
Wolfgang Unsoeld seminar

Current Sport: Training for Muscle Mass!

Biggest Achievements: In Progress!

Personality Traits: I have a determined but thoughtful approach to the goals of my clients and I.

Favourite lift: For me, the deadlift is the king of compound lifts.

Favourite Supplement: Amino Electrolyte complex by Y.P.S.I.- this is fantastic for improved recovery and its support in building muscle mass.

Favourite Quote: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” (Chinese proverb).

Who motivates me? I draw inspiration from Tom and the team here at Winning Health Solutions; they are always there pushing me forward towards my goals.

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    This gym and the trainers’ expertise have literally changed the way i live and look after my body, for the better. If you haven’t subscribed yet, you’re missing out. Seriously.