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Brooke Murray

Brooke is a winner in every sense and if you want to be one too, I highly recommend training under great coach!

Brooke Murray

My Story

Inspiring other people is the most motivating aspect of my job, and this is essentially how I started my path in the health and fitness industry. I had higher levels of body fat than I wanted, and through my own efforts and studying I managed my own quite drastic physique change. Many of my friends and family saw this and I soon had people asking me to help them.

The next step for me was to take my physique on stage and this is how I met Tom at WHS. Competing on stage taught me a lot more about nutrition and training, but a great deal about my mind set also. I fully understand the hard work, motivation, sacrifice and dedication that is needed to make a body transformation.

As women, we often associate the scales or jeans sizes with feeling good. I now feel 100 times more empowered chasing down a squat or chin up goal rather than a number on the scales. I’ve learned that I love my body not for the way it looks, but for the way it performs. I now take a vested interest in the lifestyle that surrounds training, including hormones, nutrition and recovery, especially for the female athlete. Looking good is a side effect of training, but there are a whole world of other benefits for you to enjoy.


CYQ Level 2 Group Exercise Instructor
CYQ Level 3 Personal Trainer

Current Sport: UKBFF Bikini Fitness Athlete

Biggest Achivements: Top 5 UKBFF South Coast Bikini under 166cm 2014

Personality Traits: I am a perfectionist and never settle for anything less than my absolute best. I love to learn and grow as an individual and am constantly looking for ways to develop in all aspects of life. All of that is reflected in the way that I train my clients

Favourite lift: Squat. The variations are endless, as are the benefits!

Favourite Supplement: My staple supplement is simple yet key in my sport – BCAA’s for supporting muscle retention whilst maximising fat loss.

Favourite Quote: The body achieves what the mind believes – I’m a big believer in the effect mindset has on achieving goals.

Who motivates me? In this industry I’m blessed to be motivated by new people daily. Whether that be clients, trainers or friends I am constantly being driven and inspired by the people around me.

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