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Lee Forbister

Lee is an incredible motivator with a huge passion for all things gym. He walks the walk and talks the talk & boasts an impressive array of achievements both personally and with his clients.

My Story

My addiction to the Health & Fitness industry evolved more than 10 years ago when I quickly discovered it would become a tool I could use on a daily basis to learn many skills required in everyday life. To become a good strongman or bodybuilder I had to prepare my meals for the next day which taught me dedication and that with hard work & consistency, results will follow.WHS Profile Shoot

The most important quality I gained from weightlifting was confidence and that when you are truly passionate about something; you can be good at it.

I have been visiting Winning Health Solutions since 2014. My first attendance included a boot camp for 5 days & this experience got me hooked and since then have never looked back. I recently graduated with a 2.1 within Health and Exercise Science in Newcastle, I then took the opportunity to work for this successful business to further evolve my career as a strength coach.


Level 2 and 3 Personal Trainer
Bachelor of Sciences in Sports Science

Current Sport: Strongman & Powerlifting

Biggest Achievements:

Junior National Powerlifting Champion
England’s Strongest Man Under 105kg 2014
3rd @ European Log and Deadlift Championships 2016
BSM Qualification Spot
Strongman Champions League Competitor

WHS Profile ShootPersonality Traits: The ability to put my mind to any task to achieve my goals

Favourite lift: Log Lift – test of overall body strength from the floor to overhead

Favourite Supplement: Amino Acids and Glutamine – Recovery Benefits

Favourite Quote: “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” (Tim Notke)

What motivates me? Hard work and Dedication

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    I would recommend training at Winning Health Solutions to anyone looking for an increase in health, performance and strength