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Infrared Sauna

For those that live within a reasonable distance to WHS, our Infrared Sauna would prove a great addition for your lifestyle & wellbeing! Below are the main benefits to adding in 1 to 3 x 20 minute sessions per week:

Detoxification: Peer reviewed literature shows that sweating during sauna therapy eliminates high levels of toxic metals, organic compounds, dioxin, and other toxins.

Weight Loss: Although calories are only part of the equation, sweating will expend energy. Removing toxins from your body though, has a direct link to obesity as well as improving health. Infrared sauna therapy is also known to improve removal of unwanted cellulite

Skin: High toxicity is part of the cause of acne & infrared sauna’s help open pores to remove dead skin & other toxins. Many of our clients report an instant improvement in their skin after their sauna sessions!

Injuries: By improving blood flow to the injured area, you can speed the healing process. Heat helps muscle relax & we see an instant improvement in recovery rates from our rigorous training protocols!

Stress:  A sauna will provide the opportunity to relax away from the day to day challenges you may face.

Although not a necessity to enjoy the benefits, we highly recommend our sauna supplement protocol to further boost detoxification. These nutrients are specifically chosen & clinically proven to remove toxins. Clients report much improved functions the day after using the protocol as opposed to not!

If you are interested in giving the Infrared Sauna a try please give us a call (02380 777 322) or e-mail (info@winninghealthsolutions.co.uk) & we’ll make sure it’s ready for your arrival!

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  • Sarah Beesley

    To put it simply, WHS redifines the gym. and is the optimum solution. The training techniques, the philosophy are second to none. For those who want to achieve fitness, WHS will assist in setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant goals for your particular needs, design your program and will provide the support and guidance in ensuring you stick to your commitments. The best investment for your health.