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Empowering you to make a lifelong change.

Mission Statement

Tagline: ‘Empowering you to a Lifelong Change’

Winning Health Solutions (WHS) was founded with the aim of giving others the power to achieve their health & fitness goals. Through educating the client we empower them to not make the same mistakes and to progress continually (Kaizen). We wish to educate and not feed the client with the answers.

Health encompasses a broad range of goals but everything comes back to it. Want to lose body fat? You need to get healthy. Want to improve sports performance? You need to get healthy. Want to improve your mind set? You need to get healthy. This is why we can reach such a diverse range of clients and provide so many results.

Our founder Tom Hibbert has developed the systems and values which are then individualised to the client. We are all about your results and utilising a holistic approach to achieve them with you. This is all made possible by providing our staff and clients with the latest in cutting edge education, state of the art equipment and technological advancements in health & recovery.