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Tom Hibbert

Tom is the founder and owner of WHS and lives & breathes to help clients achieve their dream! Alongside training a multitude of clientele he also consults many Trainers & Coaches to improve their businesses. Tom is a highly regarded coach within the industry.

My Story

I started WHS because I found the commercial gym a highly inadequate place to produce the best for my clients. The goal of the commercial gym tends to be too much about the bottom line. Although being a business owner I understand this is of importance, but there is way more to it and my belief system didn’t align with the commercial gym mission statement.

At WHS I have built a fantastic culture and created another way of doing things. The way I see it is you wouldn’t represent yourself in court, or invest in stocks by yourself. You would find an expert. The gym is no different. At WHS I guarantee my team and facility will be able to give you a much bigger return on your investment than if you were to go it alone.

My current focus is to continue to train those who wish to compete at a high level. I now only take on the very serious and the commitment I ask for reflects this. To open more WHS’ so we can help reach more people. Finally, to help more Personal Trainers & Strength Coaches develop their careers with our trainer education product.


Tom Hibbert, 20/08/2015, England's Strongest Man, , , England

PICP Level 4
BioSignature Practitioner
Bachelor of Sciences in Sports Science
Lotus Seed Life (Associate Specialist)
Touch for Health 1
Semi-Private Body Composition Internship with Charles Poliquin
I continue to consult with many leaders in the health & fitness industry on a monthly basis

Current Sport: Competitive Strongman

Biggest Achievements:

England’s Strongest Man u90kg- 11th (2012), 1st (2013, 2015 & 2016), 2nd Place (2014)
Britain’s Strongest Man u90kg- 2nd (2013, 2014 & 2016)
Europe’s Strongest Man u90kg – 5th (2013 & 2014)
World’s Strongest Man u90kg – 2nd (2016)

Athlete Resume

Owen Gayle: Pro MMA Flyweight (2009-2013)
Aaron Page: International Strongman Competitor (Open Category)
Matjaz Belsak: International Strongman Competitor (Open Category)
Richard Bull: World Ranked Sprint Triathlete
James Ward: International Strongman Competitor (u90kg Category)
Arram Eghoyan: World Powerlifting Champion & World Record Holder (WPF u82.5kg)

Personality Traits: I have a meticulous nature and efficient manner.

Favourite lift: I love the Log Clean & Press. There is something about taking a huge weight from the floor and then explosively putting it over your head!

Tom Hibbert, 20/08/2015, England's Strongest Man, , , England

Favourite Supplement: I love researching and trialling different brain nutrients. Either to get me prepared for a workout or to relax me in the evening.

Favourite Quote: It’s not really a quote but I think the poem If by Rudyard Kipling says it all.

Who motivates me? I’m lucky enough to have many inspirational people in my life and the list is too long to single anyone out.

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  • Lynsey Close 2

    I honestly thought gyms were for people who already looked good and I was very scared