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What Makes WHS Different?

  1. Consults: Included in our memberships are consults with an expert. We cover whatever is required to help you achieve your goals. Often this is nutritional guidance but also any number of other subjects can arise where we have experience: Functional Nutrition, Supplementation, Recovery, Detoxification, Mind Set Enhancement & more!
  2. Recovery/Bio-Hacking Room: At our disposal and again included in our memberships WHS has Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Red Light Therapy, Infrared Sauna & Frequency Specific Microcurrent. We utilise this to help improve recovery & boost performance or fix a number of ailments that clients present to us.
  3. Unlimited Personal Training Sessions: We wanted to design a membership with no limits & certainly not one created via financial constraints. We can now train you optimally and utilise many methods & protocols to help you achieve your health & fitness goals.
  4. Rehab Included: Our Personal Trainers & Strength Coaches are not rep counters! They are trained to not only understand exercise prescription & technique, but also proficient in soft tissue technique. Injuries can crop up but this bridges the gap between training and therapy to ensure we can handle any situation. You receive knowledgeable, passionate expert coaches whose video matches their audio!
  5. Results Based Ethos: Our priority is your results. Yes training can and will be fun but our priority and everything we do is based around your results.
  6. Attention to Detail: Does your gym select Fiji water specifically for it’s detox enhancement? Does your gym select Organic Coffee to minimise toxins and enhance its efficacy? We even have shower filters for similar purpose and much more! No stone goes un-turned in our attempt to provide quality!
  7. Specialist Equipment: The basics don’t change but we have & constantly invest in the best equipment. How many gyms in Southampton can offer the selection of kit we have?! From Eleiko, Atlantis, All Out Athletics & Watson…we invest in the best!

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  • Donna Moloney

    I have learnt a lot at WHS in every aspect of my life, and joining has been really life changing for me mentally & physically