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"If You Are Thinking About Hiring A Personal Trainer In Southampton You MUST Read The Article Below Before You Waste
Time And Money On Workout Programs Destined To Fail"


I want to ask you four questions. Answer honestly...

  • Do you want to lose a percentage of body fat every single week?
  • Do you want to have family members and friends compliment you and ask you what on earth you are doing because every time they see you you’re looking in better shape?
  • Do you want your self confidence and esteem to rocket because of the impressed looks you get from your partner or the opposite sex?
  • Do you want to become healthier, less stressed and sleep more soundly at night?

I’ll bet that you answered YES to one or more of those questions. How do I
know this? Because the statistics don’t lie:

According to myprotein.co.uk three out of four people are not happy with the way their body looks. Top Sante magazine revealed that 8 out of 10 women believed their lives would improve considerably if they were totally happy with their body. (It would!). An online survey by the University Of West England found that four out of five men confess to being unhappy about their body... I could go on and on with the statistics but there is no need.

If you’re reading this web page you are like most people and want to improve your health and the way you look. This begs the question – if the majority of people want to improve their body why do so few ever succeed?

"The answer is simple. Go to any commercial gym and you will see people wasting their time and money trying to lose weight by spending hours on a treadmill…guys lifting the same weight each week and expecting to build muscle…lazy, out-of-shape personal trainers who give their clients workout programs but don’t ensure that they know what to eat, and not to eat, in order to get the results their work and effort in the gym deserves…"

In other words the fitness industry is full of misinformation and clients wasting their money and time on workout programs that will never get the results they want. And that’s why I started Winning Health Solutions.

Client Testimonial: Dan Fisher

Client Testimonial: Lara Venter

Client testimonial: Maxine Raleigh

Here’s Why Most Personal Trainers Will Put You On A Program Destined To Fail…

I wanted to start a gym that was different from the usual commercial gyms. I wanted to help empower people to make a lifelong change to their body and health. To help destroy the many myths out there that stop people from getting the results they want from their training. To help people get the body they want, in the fastest possible time, and keep it. 

Ask most personal trainers if they are willing to guarantee your results and they’ll make excuses. They’ll try and ignore the question. They’re not confident enough in their abilities to get you results. We’re different. We know we’ll get you the body you want. Here’s why… When you sign up to most personal trainers they will put you on the same regime they give to their other clients. You’re a woman who wants to lose weight? You get the same regime as other women looking to lose weight. A guy who wants to pack on muscle mass? You get the same regime as other males looking to do the same.

This, my friend, is a recipe for disaster. At WHS we are different. We have been trained by one the world’s leading fitness coaches Charles Poliquin. We take into account your nutrition, stress levels, sleep patterns…all the things that can have a dramatic effect on your body and workout results. And then we craft a personalised workout plan that is unique to you and what you need in order to get the body you desire and deserve.

This May Shock You A Little…

Why is this so important? Let me give you two hypothetical examples to show you… Jane is 33 years old. She signs up to a commercial gym and a personal trainer. She is put straight into a training program which involves lots of treadmill work, ludicrous exercises on bose balls (if you don’t know what they are, don’t worry, you’ll never need them at WHS) and more workouts that will do nothing but get her less results for more work.

Jane can’t figure out why she is struggling to lose weight. I mean, she is leaving the gym shattered five times a week. She is eating the foods the trainer recommended. Yet her progress is extremely slow. She is on the verge of giving up. So why might Jane be struggling? I’ll tell you the answer in a moment. But first here is another hypothetical situation…

James is 29 years old. He has wanted to build muscle for a long while. He decides to sign up to a personal trainer at his local commercial gym. He is given lots of isolation exercises. Endless bicep curls, things like that.

He is also following the nutritional plan his trainer gave him. He is looking bigger, but not in the way he wanted. In fact he looks fat. He joined the gym to boost his self confidence but actually feels more self conscious with the big belly he now has. His trainer says it’s normal. Part of ‘bulking’. James wants the big arms, back, chest and legs. But he doesn’t want to look the way he does. He is on the verge of giving up. Fatter and less attractive than he was when he started. The reason both Jane and James are struggling is because the personal trainer has not put them on the right plan for their specific body.

​Every human is different. If someone does not test your stress levels, nutritional balances, foods that cause you to store body fat, then everything else is a waste of time. You may eventually get the results you want. But it will take a lot longer. And in most cases you will never get there because you will give up when you see no change in your body. Whilst the above situations are hypothetical they sum up the experiences of our clients who have come to WHS after wasting months or even years of their time on workout programs at commercial gyms that just don’t work. You are not going to waste any time at all…

Why We Are The Only Choice For Anyone Looking For A Personal Trainer In
Southampton – The BioSignature System!

Each human body is different. We all have different levels of hormones such as cortisol, testosterone, insulin and others. This leads to each person storing body fat in specific places. By knowing your hormone levels we can create unique nutritional and workout programs that will help you target your problem areas.

For example if you have a lot of fat around your midsection this is indicative of your cortisol (stress hormone) output. If you do not get this in check, with the correct nutrition advice, then you can workout all you want but that “stubborn belly fat” is going nowhere. Another example would be guys with “man boobs”. They have a problem with estrogen levels. Again, you can do all the chest exercises in the world but you’ll struggle to lose your man boobs without your estrogen levels in check.

The biosignature system that we offer identifies these hormone imbalances and helps us to create a unique training regimen that is perfect for what your body needs in order to get the results you want in the fastest possible time. When you combine this with our world class training equipment and personal trainers WHS offers a unique service that no other gym in Southampton can.

I’ll be honest I wish I could take credit for the BioSignature system. It is absolute genius. But all the credit goes to an incredible man by the name of Charles Poliquin. Mr Poliquin is an internationally renowned strength and conditioning coach. When Olympic teams want their athletes in shape he’s the guy they call. He has trained Olympic medallists in 17 different sports and is a contributor to publications such as Men’s Fitness magazine and online T-Nation. In other words this guy knows his stuff! As we are the only gym in Southampton to offer Mr Poliquin’s BioSignature Modulation, we are the only logical choice if you want to get the quickest results. And who wouldn’t want that?

Don’t Take My Word For It. Here’s What WHS’ Clients Say…

Of course I am going to rave about my gym. It’s my business and my passion. So rather than you taking my word for it here is what some WHS clients have to say:

"People look at me and think I’m naturally like this but I’m not. I’ve worked hard but more importantly the coaches have helped me achieve my targets. Training with weights isn’t scary and neither are the trainers." (Sharmila Rao)

Ted Wilkes

"I train twice a day and complete between 6 and 12 sessions a week. I didn’t think it was possible beforehand to train this much but a structured and progressive program twice a day gets better results and that’s what I’m here to do." (Ted Wilkes)

Since being here I have dropped from 25% to 10.1% and I’m over the moon! I’m amazed how quickly proper training and BioSignature Modulation together can get results!’

(Darren Rigby)

I can't really put into words what Winning Health Solutions has done for me - from the very first time I walked through the door for my initial consult two years ago and dramatically altering my body composition, to now picking me up and fixing me when all of my current goals seemed so far away. I'm a classic for panicking about not meeting goals, over training, cutting calories too drastically and then binging, then being left with all of the associated health problems that go with that. Tom and the WHS coaches have consistently been there for me - never judging, and always knowing how to pick me up and fix me.

This morning I have woken up feeling like my goals are not so far away. After only three weeks of Tom working on my mindset, changing my approach to nutrition and reducing my training, my weight is dropping, I'm eating better, my energy levels are higher and I'm enjoying training again. WHS's support and Tom's LSP sessions have no doubt played a major part in this.Everything feels like it's slotting back into place - and I know I will be where I want to be in no time.

(Emma Apter)

"When you get a BioSignature Modulation done the coaches know everyone’s lifestyle is different and some people’s little step is someone else’s big step and the coaches recognise this." (Lynsey Close)

Before and After

Disclaimer: Although we are showing our success testimonials, results may vary individually

Are you going be our next success story? Or will you waste time at a commercial gym with a personal trainer who doesn’t know exactly what your body needs? There’s only one decision.

Take Us Up On Our Free Consultation Service And You Can Make Sure Winning
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I want you to imagine something...

Imagine it is three months down the line. You have signed up at WHS and you are finally getting the results you want. Your confidence has improved. You enjoy seeing yourself in the mirror. Family, friends and the opposite sex are impressed with the way you look. You are healthier and happier than ever. All the above is a reality. It can and will happen. But only if you take action.

If you do nothing then nothing will change. In three months time you’ll be feeling the same way you do now. Not quite happy with your body. Not quite as confident and healthy as you should be. On the other hand if you try us out your body will be the way you want it. And hey, if it’s not, our guarantee means you get your money back! That’s how confident we are. We know we can get you the results you want.

One last word of warning…We will be raising our fees very soon at WHS. As word continues to spread about the success of our clients we are getting more and more people signing up. In order to ensure you secure your membership at the lowest price you should ring us today. Right now. Click on the link below and sign up for our free consultation. You can come into the gym, take a look around and we can prove to you in person why we are the right gym for you.

There are no obligations or attachments and certainly no sales representatives or admin fees. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you and we look forward to seeing you soon.