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LSL Mind Set Enhancement

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This is a mind set re-wiring technique designed by Vikki Faudel alongside a chiropractor & neurologist. Developed over 20 years it helps people break habits by removing personal blocks and baggage around emotions.

As an Associate Specialist we are able to work on the blocks that limit those wanting to improve their lifestyle in regards to all things health & fitness.

For instance, there are many people who consistently want to start either training or adjusting their lifestyle towards health, but they start and stop and delay and end up nowhere. With this we go straight to the ‘Resistance’ session with great results and then sessions progress from there!

For a Detailed Explanation on how Lotus Seed Works: Click Here!

Frequency Specific MicrocurrentFSM

Similar to a TENS unit, but FSM works in millionths of amps as opposed to thousands as in TENS. The mild electrical current works specifically to resonate with the tissues the program is aimed for. The key with these units as stated by Charles Poliquin, is to have it programmed by the right person and we have gone the extra mile for this. Some of the 50+ protocols include:


  • Adrenal support, insulin resistance, DOMS, Sleep, Liver detox, stomach, lung support & more

Combining LSL & FSM ensures we are using everything in our tool box to move you in the right direction.


Like training, nothing happens without consistency and one session won’t be a quick fix.

6 sessions (over 6 weeks)

12 sessions (over 12 weeks)

Contact today to start you on your journey to the best you!

  • Nicky Barfoot 1

    As an Osteopath dealing primarily with sports people, I would strongly recommend this type of training to endurance athletes