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Winning Health Solutions offers a comprehensive variety of personal training, fitness and health services to suit your own personal goals.

Have you ever wanted to change the way you look? 99% of people want a better body but only 2% of people know how to get it! At Winning Health Solutions Gym in Southampton we can guarantee results as we are the only gym in the south of England that is ’personal training’ based. This means that unlike commercial gyms, or any other gyms in Southampton we don’t just take your money and then leave you to struggle to hit your goals.

Every time you have a session you are supervised by one our fully qualified Strength Coaches who will push you hard towards achieving the body you want. It also makes sure that you are pushing yourself to the limit and continually breaking plateaus, moving towards that new body you want.

We can guarantee results under supervision because we ensure you are doing exercises safely and most importantly with proper technique. Technique is paramount in training and is vital in obtaining results. Unfortunately it is often the first thing to be sacrificed in people’s training and they start to wonder why they aren’t seeing results. We write each individual member a personalised program based on the very latest scientific knowledge. Members therefore, can achieve their goals quicker as they do not follow a regurgitated program that 90% of the population follows.

We look at all aspects of your lifestyle when it comes to body transformations. This encompasses everything from nutrition to stress levels and even sleep quality and by taking these other factors into account we can guarantee your health, happiness and results.

Whatever your goal may be, muscle mass gain or body fat loss, if you are determined to change your body then book in your free consult with us.

If you are interested get in touch or visit our Southampton gym and we shall set up a free consultation to discuss your needs.

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    I am now a healthy girl with an inspired and positive attitude to training and nutrition