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Youth Training

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday (5.30pm-7pm) & Saturday (8-9.30am): Youth Strength & Conditioning

When strength training is supervised by a competent professional, and properly executed, it can improve your child’s strength, endurance, protect them from injury & improve performance in their chosen sport. Even if they don’t have a competitive sport it can also increase their confidence & self-esteem and improve their co-ordination & motor skills. Technique, sensible progression & educating the youth are 3 principles that will be adhered to.

Monthly Unlimited Youth Training: £63

10 session Youth Training: £45

*Please contact the gym to arrange a free week!

  • Julia van Deventer

    9 months ago I was having a metal plate fixed in to my arm, wondering if I’d ever train again and panicking about all the weight I was putting on. Yesterday I stepped on stage for the first time in my life overcoming barriers I never thought I was capable of, with a body I never dreamed I was capable of having