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WHS Affiliates

You’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with. Below you’ll find links to other specialists we are able to refer to.

Westin GourmetWestin Gourmet is the number one place to buy affordable, top quality, organic meat. Use discount code ‘winning2848’ to get 10% off now!

Lotus Seed LifeThe Lotus Seed Process is a process used to change lives. It helps empower a person to work through a lifetime’s worth of troubles, issues, and pain. To book a free initial consult contact Geoff Sober!

Swiss Strength ConsultingEuropean strength equipment distributor that tailors to meet the requirements of your facility.

Under ArmourUse discount code ‘Winning10UA’ on any order to get 10% off now! Choose product(s) then E-mail James Here with Code as subject. (Not for use on main UA Site)

Charles PoliquinCharles Poliquin is hailed as one of the World’s premier strength coaches. He has a proven track record with countless professional and Olympian athletes worldwide. Check out his website for more on his methodologies and philosophies.

Town or CountryAt Town or Country we provide the best cost-effective serviced accommodation with value for money and most importantly that home from home experience.

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    The facility and trainers at WHS are far beyond anything else in Hampshire