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Success Stories

Here are just a few of our success stories.

Disclaimer: Although we are showing our success testimonials, results may vary individually. Click on the photos for more information.

Before & After Posters (Female)

Take a look through a few of our Before & After photos of clients we have helped…this could be you!

Before & After Posters (Male)

Take a look through a few of our Before & After photos of clients we have helped…this could be you!

Aaron Page

I have learned a lot about strength and how important it is to be doing the right sort of training for my sport also to stay healthy and positive about everything in life not just training

Chris Sober

My main achievement is my increase in confidence. I can go out and I’m happy with way I look. I now don’t worry about what people think about me.

Darren Rigby

Since being here I have dropped from 25% to 10.1% and I’m over the moon! I’m still aiming to get below 8% but I’m very pleased about how quickly it’s come off!

Emma Apter

1st Bikini Figure Athlete Competition Dropped 5 dress sizes in 1 year! More outgoing & confident

Kate Isaac

There is no magic pill or formula that will do the work for you. To be successful you need to put in the effort, be committed and organised. My experience wasn’t always a pleasant one, but at no point did I ever feel like giving up. And the reward was literally a transformation – both physically and in my sense of well-being

Lynsey Close

When you get a BioSignature Modulation done the coaches know everyone’s lifestyle is different and some people’s little step is someone else’s big step and the coaches recognise this

Owen Gayle

Before I started training at WHS I was a semi-professional MMA flyweight. I have since turned professional and am now in the top 6 flyweight’s in the UK and if I wasn’t training at WHS I don’t reckon I would have achieved this. It’s been well worth the investment….

Richard Maunders

I always say that the equipment and trainers are far beyond anything else in Hampshire and to try it out as it’s well worth the investment. I wouldn’t train anywhere else!

Sam Kane

1st Bikini Competition From 25% to 13% Body Fat More outgoing & confident

Sharmila Rao

People look at me and think I’m naturally like this but I’m not. I’ve worked hard but more importantly the coaches have helped me achieve my targets. Training with weights isn’t scary and neither are the trainers.

Ted Wilkes

I train twice a day and complete between 6 and 12 sessions a week. I didn’t think it was possible beforehand to train this much but a structured and progressive program twice a day gets better results and that’s what I’m here to do.

  • Rosie Burge 5

    This gym and the trainers’ expertise have literally changed the way i live and look after my body, for the better. If you haven’t subscribed yet, you’re missing out. Seriously.