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Chris Sober
Chris Sober
Chris Sober

Chris Sober

My main achievement is my increase in confidence. I can go out and I’m happy with way I look. I now don’t worry about what people think about me.

WHS: What made you contact WHS?
CS: I was first told about WHS by my Dad who was and is currently a member and also by my Chiropractor, Simon Billings. My goals were to increase muscle mass as I wanted look good to help boost my confidence. My dad was enjoying the training and Simon recommended WHS to help my structural imbalances.
WHS: What do you feel you have achieved at WHS?
CS: My main achievement is my increase in confidence. I can go out and I’m happy with way I look. I now don’t worry about what people think about me. As we all know mate’s can take the piss out of being skinny, whether at school or at work and it affected me a little. It doesn’t happen anymore. In fact I get the opposite and I get loads of compliments!
WHS: What was your training like before WHS?
CS: I did my own thing. I didn’t have any technique whatsoever. I had no guidance and didn’t use a Personal Trainer. In fact the gyms I went to (Fitness First, Totton College, Applemore, The Gym) I had zero confidence in the Personal Trainers there. If you go elsewhere you don’t feel you’re getting value for money. At WHS I see it as an investment. Elsewhere I thought of it as a cost. Other gyms are terrible compared to WHS. You can’t get on the equipment, there isn’t a friendly, motivational atmosphere, and the equipment is well kept and more advanced at WHS.
WHS: What’s your training like now?
CS: It’s awesome! I enjoy it as it’s a great experience and I see myself improving all the time. I love chin ups, squats and deadlifts! Strongman on Saturday is my favourite session as it really challenges you and is different to normal gym training.
WHS: What is unique about the training we do?
CS: You actually get taught and explained how to train. In my opinion it’s mainly down to the Poliquin methods. Your program is set out better than if you wrote it yourself due to the experience and expertise of the strength coaches. It’s structured to my individual needs and not a one size fits all approach. You see the benefits immediately.

If you go elsewhere you don’t feel you’re getting value for money

WHS: What was your normal nutrition like before WHS?
CS: It was terrible now I understand more! My breakfast was cereal and toast, followed by sandwiches, crisps & a chocolate bar or yoghurt for lunch with something like fish and chips and pizza for dinner with an ice cream dessert.
WHS: How has BioSignature helped you?
CS: It helped me to not only achieve my original goals but motivated me towards getting further than I thought was possible. It’s hard to tell how you’re getting on by just looking in mirror. The BioSignature tells you exactly where you are and what you have to do. It makes a massive difference. I now have a good knowledge of supplements and I trust the ones supplied at WHS. I find there is difference between the Poliquin products and other products recommended elsewhere. I only used BCAAs during workouts, Ultra HCl to improve my digestion and coconut oil. My post workout shakes are also personalised to my individual needs and not just an all in one powder.
WHS: What have you learned?
CS: I’ve learnt that you can lift heavy, and that technique is paramount. You see so many different things in commercial gyms it can be confusing to know what is correct. Most importantly I’ve learnt that can achieve your health & fitness goals.
WHS: What would you tell others about your experience at WHS?
CS: I tell others just to do it because if you’re dedicated you’ll get great results.
WHS: What makes us different to other gyms?
CS: Everything! The equipment is first class and always being added to. The staff are role models and know what they’re talking about. The actual training, boot camps and one day cures are different. You can see all the other success stories and relate to them.
WHS: What’s next for you?
CS: My next goal is to train to become a competitive strongman in the u80kg category for 2013


  • 15% to 9.9% body fat
  • More Confident
  • Increased Muscle Mass

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