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Darren Rigby
Darren Rigby
Darren Rigby
Darren Rigby
Darren Rigby
Darren Rigby

Darren Rigby

Since being here I have dropped from 25% to 10.1% and I’m over the moon! I’m still aiming to get below 8% but I’m very pleased about how quickly it’s come off!

WHS: What made you contact WHS?
DR: I was basically getting bored at the commercial gym I was going to. There was no structure to my training and felt like I was going through the motions. I also wanted some advice on the injury I sustained to my back which I aggravated by training by myself.
WHS: What do you feel you have achieved at WHS?
DR: One of my main goals was to lose weight and improve my overall fitness and physical appearance. But I quickly learnt that weight is not important and that reducing body fat was the main objective. Since being here I have dropped from 25% to 10.1% and I’m over the moon! I’m still aiming to get below 8% but I’m very pleased about how quickly it’s come off.
WHS: What was your training like before WHS?
DR: I was a member of a commercial gym for over 2 years, training 4 times a week, doing body-pump classes and spinning and what I thought, at the time, was weight training and got no where. I also had a major back injury from 5 years ago that was never addressed and since training here my injury has gone and I’m squatting more now than ever. The structural balance programme was so much harder than I anticipated and its main aim was to strengthen all my weaknesses, which it did very successfully.
WHS: What’s your training like now?
DR: I now have a structure and an end goal in mind. The program is customised to my individual needs.
WHS: What is unique about the training we do?
DR: The training is very personalised to the needs of the individual. It’s constantly adapted depending on the need of the individual and you’re constantly motivated to push yourself. I really enjoy the feeling of sheer exhaustion at the end of a session and feeling like you have really achieved something in the session. It’s something that really annoyed me at commercial gyms; seeing people there going through the motions and not getting anywhere year in year out.

The BioSignature Modulation is by far the most important part of my transformation

WHS: What was your normal nutrition like before WHS?
DR: I used to eat what I thought was quite healthy: Brown bread, brown rice, brown pasta, potatoes. This was in fact making me fat! So cutting them out has really helped not just with the training but how I feel throughout the week at work.
WHS: How has BioSignature helped you?
DR: It has reduced my malt loaf intake! Having regular consults identifies bad eating habits and hormonal imbalances. It gives me something to focus on because prior to BioSignature Modulation all I had was scales which as I’ve found out, doesn’t tell you anything. The main thing I’ve learned is to reduce the amount of unhealthy carbohydrates I eat. What I thought was healthy actually wasn’t!
WHS: What have you learned?
DR: The main thing I’ve learnt is regarding diet and nutrition and the impact this can have on your results. The BioSignature Modulation is by far the most important part of my transformation.
WHS: What would you tell others about your experience at WHS?
DR: If you’re serious about improving your fitness it’s the only gym to come to that guarantees results.
WHS: What makes us different to other gyms?
DR: All the exercises are done here in a particular order for specific reasons. I never really realised the importance of this until I came to train here. You guys also care about your members and their results. Normal ‘commercial gyms’ just take your money and don’t give a toss about you.
WHS: What’s next for you?
DR: I’m still aiming to get to 8% body fat which shouldn’t take too long now. I’m nearly 40 now and I’m finally getting round to sorting out all the damage I did to my health during College and University!


  • 25% to 10.1% body fat
  • Stronger & Healthier
  • Improved Structural Balance

Sound good to you?

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  • Aaron Page Wins England’s Strongest Man Southern Qualifier

    It was one of those days that came around much quicker then I expected. One day I was at a wedding, then the next day…BAM…Comp day!!

    Training for this comp had been going well although my deadlift was a bit hit and miss but sometimes that’s just the way things are! My mind set going into the comp was to make sure I finish in the top 4 to qualify for England’s strongest man 2016.

    I got to the venue early to support my client Mike Dove in the novice competition before the qualifier. He was doing great until he decided to take a dive with the chain yoke and ended up splitting his head open resulting in retiring from the competition. I think he’s been watching too much Euro 2016. Just so everyone knows he is fine and will be back in training soon!

    The time came upon us to sign in and get kitted up, nerves had started to kick in as I knew the deadlift was first. Time to draw numbers…..9 was happy with that!!

    Event one: Max Deadlift 13466286_1071781882876614_3057306027513798926_n
    The bar started at 280kg on these massive tyres which you had to stand on a platform to get too. 280kg went straight up no problem as did 320kg and 340kg. Many of the competitors at this point had dropped off.  360kg was next up and again a few fail the lift so I knew if I were to get it, it would be good points and a new Personal Best! It flew up for me and I achieved 1st place, joint with 2 others, for the event.

    Event two: 320kg Chain yoke
    After watching all the novice and opens do this I just needed to finish with a good pace, no drops and placing would take care of itself. I was up with a slow wobbly start but managed to get moving and finished a respectable 4th place.

    Event three: Overhead Medley
    Any kind of overhead event I always enjoy and this was no exception. The 1st implement was a giant 130kg keg. I cleaned it to the13466286_1071781882876614_3057306027513798926_n shoulder and stumbled every so slightly. I kept my composure and adjusted myself and gave a tidy push press. Next up was a 140kg a
    xle. I popped it on my power belly then onto my chest and quickly overhead in one swift movement. Moving swiftly onto the 155kg log, I clean & pressed this like it wasn’t there! I was the first to make it to the 90kg Monster Dumbbell and took a split second to gee up the crowd and then one to compose myself. I popped it up to the shoulder, stabilised it then a quick leg drive & dropped underneath it. Standing up with the dumbbell overhead I gave a thumbs up to the crowd for good measure!

    1st place in this event and the only man to complete all of the implements!

    Event four: Car Deadlift Hold 13466286_1071781882876614_3057306027513798926_n
    Any one who knows me know my grip is not the best but I’ve been working hard on it! The weight in hands was around 300kg and I my target was to to get over 30 seconds. Up the car went and I managed to hold on for 34 seconds to get me 5th place.

    Event five: Medley 2 x tyres 100kg 1 x 130kg keg x 20m each13466286_1071781882876614_3057306027513798926_n
    As Martin Cee would say, the scores on the doors had me in 1st place but only by half a point. Colin had been pushing me the whole day so I knew I would have to win the event to take 1st place.

    We both started like grey hounds out after a rabbit with the first tyre. I came back with the 2nd but as I put mine down it bounced so I had to secure it before I went back for the keg. Colin was ahead of me I managed to get some ground back by sprinting in between. I grabbed the keg and held it high and away I went up the run way. Colin stumbled on the keg which meant I secured 1st place. I wouldn’t let him give up so I went over and pushed him to the end because that’s what this sport is about supporting each other!

    Not sure what the final scores were but it was close. I look forward to competing with the guys again at England’s strongest man 2016

    Thank you to everyone who came to watch and support me now time to bring on England’s strongest man