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Emma Apter
Emma Apter

Emma Apter

1st Bikini Figure Athlete Competition Dropped 5 dress sizes in 1 year! More outgoing & confident

WHS: What made you contact WHS?
EA:WHS was recommended to me by a friend – I’d been training for a few months and had seen some improvements, but my diet was all over the place and I was feeling pretty bad about myself and had low energy. I wanted a proper assessment of where I was and advice on how I could change things. Tom gave me a nutrition plan to follow and within a week I was feeling more energetic, eating healthily – and I’d seen a change in my body in that short period of time. It was a no brainer for me – I wanted to do more with WHS, so I got back in contact and started training there as well.

WHS: What do you feel you have achieved at WHS?
EA:Consistency and results! – I’ve always been a yoyo dieter, and one of those people that see exercise as something you do for a short period of time to drop a few pounds, before lapsing back into my old ways. This is the first time I have ever seen results that I have been able to sustain. WHS made it so easy for me – no calorie counting, no restrictive diet, a training plan based on my goals and what I can realistically fit into my week. I am the most confident I have ever been and for the first time ever I am proud of my body. That’s a really big thing for me.

WHS: What was your training like before WHS?
EA:I was cardio obsessed – I used to run – normally when I had eaten a few too many cakes and bars of chocolate and put on a few pounds. But after three knee operations I was told to find some other kind of exercise. I started doing an online bootcamp and bought a training plan, but I was a bit bored doing the same things all the time and wasn’t seeing results because I wasn’t putting the work in.

WHS: What’s your training like now?
EA:All weights and modified strongman training, which I love. My training is varied – the coaches at WHS know exactly what you need to do to get the results you need and have guided me through every step of the way. I just do exactly what they say and I’ve seen the results I wanted. Every session is different and I love feeling stronger and leaner each week.

WHS: What is unique about the training we do?
EA: WHS tailors your training programme according to your goals – my training plan is based on my needs and no one else’s. The coaches take such an interest in what you want to achieve and base everything around that. Their attention to injury history and how you are feeling each session is also amazing – it allowed me to have the confidence to train despite having a history of knee injuries. And the modified training sessions on a Saturday are amazing – prowler sprints, sandbags, log – really get your heart rate up and speed up fat loss. I love every minute of my training – and that is key to why I have stuck at it. That and the encouragement I’ve had from everyone that trains at WHS.

WHS made it so easy for me – no calorie counting, no restrictive diet, a training plan based on my goals and what I can realistically fit into my week

WHS: What was your normal nutrition like before WHS?
EA: Awful – commuting up to London meant I often grabbed cakes on the go, drank far too much coffee (sometimes 8 cups a day), and had major sugar crashes in the afternoon which often resulted in me grabbing a couple of bars of chocolate or a bag of sweets to stop me feeling shaky. I had started to clean up the way I ate – focussing more on natural food and cutting out processed food, but I was focussed on calories and weight and started to lapse into my old ways because I couldn’t stick to it. I became a binge eater again. WHS’s approach to nutrition is different and has meant I no longer obsess over my weight or how many calories I’m eating. My sugar cravings have gone, I no longer get energy slumps or the shaky feel in the afternoon I used to get – and I eat more than I have ever eaten before!

WHS: How have the consults helped you?
EA: Consults have been really important for me – having a weekly check means I can see results and I know I’m making progress – and it also gives me a chance to ask questions, or have changes made if I need to. I think these have been key to helping me stick to my nutrition plan. I’m a natural worrier and tracking progress has helped to keep me motivated and focussed on my goals.

WHS: What have you learned?
EA:That I don’t have to starve myself, or over train, or spend hours pounding the streets to see results. And, that no matter how busy you are there is always something you can do

WHS: What would you tell others about your experience at WHS?
EA: It’s changed my life – I have gone from being unhappy with my body to being confident enough to get up on stage and compete in physique competitions. And it has given me the drive and focus to want to achieve more. I feel fitter and healthier than I ever have, and WHS has made it easy for me – guiding me every step of the way. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

WHS:What makes us different to other gyms?
EA: Individual attention, tailored programmes and nutrition, and knowledge – on everything! If I say I want to achieve something I have complete confidence that the team will get me to where I want to be.

WHS: What’s next for you?
EA: More training! I want to get stronger and keep competing – my original goal was to get lean enough to get up on stage and compete in a bikini competition – now I want to work on improving my physique and moving up to compete in the fitness categories.


  • 1st Bikini Competition
  • Dropped 5 dress sizes in 1 year!
  • More outgoing & confident

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