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Empowering you to make a lifelong change.
Sam Kane
Sam Kane
Sam Kane

Sam Kane

1st Bikini Competition From 25% to 13% Body Fat More outgoing & confident

WHS: What made you contact WHS?
SK: I had just booked a holiday and wanted to lose some weight before I went, and after looking through some websites, WHS attracted me the most, I think it was the slogan “empowering you to make a lifelong change”. Although then I couldn’t have imagined I would be where I am now.

WHS: What do you feel you have achieved at WHS?
SK: I have just competed in my first UKBFF bikini show, which this time last year I told myself it would be impossible. In the year I have been training here so much has changed for me, I am definitely stronger both inside and out. I went from hating my body and using food to solve every problem (What girl doesn’t like a good binge!) to someone who is very happy and comfortable in my own skin, more confident and my life is just more organised. I now feel I could achieve any goal I set with the amazing team at WHS, and I can’t thank them enough.

WHS: What was your training like before WHS?
SK: Minimal, I used to go to circuits or a body conditioning class once or twice a week, which felt like a chore, and never picked up a weight over 2kg.

WHS: What’s your training like now?
SK: I love training now, mainly because you are constantly getting stronger and seeing results week to week, which gives you such a sense of achievement. The programmes are always tailored to you and your goals, and there is always something new which keeps it exciting. The modified strongman training on a Saturday is great fun! Everyone is so supportive and pushes each other on to achieve their best. When I first started I could barely squat with an empty bar, I didn’t even know what a dead lift was and could hardly get the log off the ground! I can now squat over 80kg, I have a trap bar dead lift record of 122kg at 60kg bodyweight, and just set my next goal of body weight log clean and press.

WHS: What is unique about the training we do?
SK: The biggest aspect that makes WHS so unique is the atmosphere. It is such a motivating and supportive environment to be in, whatever your goal or shape you’re in. For me it’s also that the training makes you all round strong! So you work on improving your weaknesses. The trainers are all so knowledgeable and teach you the correct way to do everything as well as give you the reasoning behind it, so you can see the purpose in each exercise you are doing.

WHS is such a motivating and supportive environment to be in, whatever your goal or shape you’re in!

WHS: What was your normal nutrition like before WHS?
SK: I was a chocoholic and lived on white bread, cereal, yogurts, pasta and junk food. A typical student diet. I would regularly binge on high sugary food and feel horrible! You really don’t know the effects of some food until you stop having it. Now I have so much more energy and never get food cravings or that sluggish feeling after a meal. My diet is so varied and I can’t imagine ever going back, I enjoy it too much.

WHS: How have the consults helped you?
SK: I do consults every week and it has helped me massively to stay on track week to week. When I first started Tom introduced small changes every week, which makes it manageable. Although the first time he asked me to have fish all week I thought he was trying to kill me! Now fish is one of my favourites. It is also a great way to track your progress, when I first started I was over 25% body fat and today I am 13%, a shadow of my former self. It also teaches you how food and what type of foods work or don’t work for your body type. Potatoes are not my friend! My advice is to just stay consistent and trust the expert.

WHS: What have you learned?
SK: What I have learned from training at WHS has been invaluable to me. When I first started the training highlighted how physically weak I was, but week by week I have just got stronger; not only physically but mentally stronger too, which has taken me by surprise. I had no idea how both were so linked, which has helped me grow in confidence in all aspects of life. I feel I am now more outgoing and generally happier.

WHS: What would you tell others about your experience at WHS?
SK: You definitely get out what you put in, the trainers at WHS are 100% committed to helping you, and will put in as much effort as you are willing to! It has been the best thing I have done for myself, and I cannot recommend WHS enough.

WHS: What makes us different to other gyms?
SK: I can put it in one word…RESULTS!

WHS: What’s next for you?
SK: I would like to spend the next few mounts getting stronger and hitting some personal bests. Long term either England’s strong woman 2015 or another UKBFF bikini show this time next year. I am already very excited and can’t wait to see what I can achieve next with WHS.


  • 1st Bikini Competition
  • From 25% to 13% Body Fat
  • More outgoing & confident

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